Saving Lives: Bringing Healthcare to North Korea

ANKHR and BC^2 present: Saving Lives: Bringing Healthcare to North Korea featuring the Eugene Bell Foundation and Dr. KJ Seung, the medical director of the Eugene Bell Foundation,  showing the documentary of Eugene Bell Foundation and their work followed by a Q&A session with Dr. KJ Seung.

The Eugene Bell Foundation is a U.S.-based foundation that provides medical humanitarian assistance to rural North Korea. Focusing on multi-drug resistance tuberculosis, the foundation currently sponsors 12 treatment centers, drawing patients from the western half of North Korea. Eugene Bell’s multidrug-resistant tuberculosis program in North Korea expects that over 75% of patients who enter the program will be cured. These outcomes make it one of the most effective multidrug-resistant tuberculosis programs in the world.

Kwonjune (KJ) Justin Seung, MD is an Associate Physician in the Division of Global Health Equity, an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School, and currently acts as the Deputy Director for the Partners In Health (PIH) Lesotho Project. In addition, he serves as the medical director of the Eugene Bell Foundation.

The event will be next Wednesday (4/19) from 5-6:30 pm in Science Center 278. Korean dinner will be provided at 5 pm. we hope to see you there!


North Korean Defector “Ummas” Lecture


ANKHR presents: North Korean Defector “Ummas” (Mothers) Lecture, a lecture featuring the Tongil Mothers, an organization of NK defector women who are advocating for the reunification with their children in China. The women will share with us their stories of escaping from North Korea, being trafficked to China as forced brides, and their ongoing struggles advocating for the reunification with their children “left-behind” in China. This lecture will highlight the unique problems that women defectors face when defecting and creating a life outside of North Korea. Please join ANKHR and the Tongil Mothers for this lecture on October 28th, Friday, from 5-6 pm in the Pendleton Atrium!